Disney's The Black Hole

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    I still love this movie. I like it for what it is. I don't compare it to star wars. In fact, I rarely look at a movie and say "this = that", unless the story is the same. I don't have the urge to equate everything I watch to something else. I do find that a lot of people do that, however.

    I also watch a movie and don't try to put it to today's standards. I watch it with when it was made in mind. I also try to keep the kid in me alive, which helps me enjoy things like this.
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    You don't mean literally, do you? imdb says Event Horizon references Black Hole, not that it's a remake.

    (I am pretty sure I have Event Horizon on DVD.. I think it was one of the 5 free DVDs I got when I bought my first DVD player. One other one was Madeline, the kids' movie.. I don't remember what the others were.. It wasn't a choose from among this list of movies promo at the time.. This was back when CHEAP DVD players were like $300.. I think it was basically the 2nd round of Sony players.)
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    Not literally, but there is a core similarity. (Not sure how much I should spoil here.)

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