Disney+: Does it work on TIVo or not?

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    I'm seeing conflicting things regarding TiVo's support for Disney+.

    I currently have a Bolt+ with two A93 minis connected. As far as I know, I cannot get Disney+ on my Bolt+, nor my Minis, from what I heard.

    I was reading reviews on Amazon regarding the new TiVo Stream 4K, and users are mentioning that they're using Disney+. So, IS Disney+ supported with the TiVo Stream 4K or not, and will it be supported with the Bolt eventually?
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    Yes the Stream 4K is an Android based box so you can download ANY app on the google play android tv store including all the newest ones. Disney+ / Peacock / HBO Max. The DVR’s will most likely not get any new apps because it’s up to those developers to make a special one for the TiVo software the boxes run

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