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Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by Nutfree, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. Nutfree

    Nutfree New Member

    Dec 17, 2011


    When I highlight a show in Now Playing using the Info button, it leads to a screen showing "Program Details." Until a couple days ago, one of the details it listed was the disk usage. A typical hour-long show was listed as something like "Less than 1% (1.24 MB)" Now, the disk usage is listed in GB and almost all my shows say either "Disk Usage: Less than 1% (0.01GB)" or "Disk Usage: Less than 1% (0.00GB)" This isn't really helpful as I can't tell which shows are taking up the most space. How can I go back to listing the space used in MB instead of GB?
  2. aaronwt

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    Jan 31, 2002

    If it's only .01GB, it's barely taking up any space. That is only 10MB. I doubt I have any shows that are under 1GB in size let alone under .01GB.

    Most of my shows are several gigabytes in size and larger.
  3. Nutfree

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    Dec 17, 2011
    Thanks for your reply. However, about 80% of my space is used up. I like to watch the shows that are taking up the most space first. When shows were listed in MB, I could prioritize my viewing to delete the ones that were taking up the most space. Now that they're listed in GB, that's not really possible as almost all shows are listed as 0.01. I'd still like to figure out a way to get back to the MB listing.
  4. Zooks527

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    Oct 19, 2010
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    It always showed them in GB. Now, however, the number is wrong.

    Just about everything I look at on mine is "less than 1%" and either 0.02 GB or 0.01 GB. I doubt if TiVo's got the compression algorithm working THAT well. Rather, they're either reporting it in TB, or it's just plain fictitious.
  5. P42

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    Jan 7, 2003


    Install a bigger disk / Record less stuff / Watch it quicker
  6. pig_man

    pig_man Member

    Jun 4, 2009
    This is a bug that was introduced in the 14.9.2 software and persists in In the SDUI the program size is (seemingly) being divided by 100 before being reported. The HDUI does not have this problem.

    As an example, one of my shows reports 0.11 GB size in the SDUI, while the HDUI reports the correct size of 11.69 GB.

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