discrete IR / shortcuts for aspect/ratio?

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    Hi all - I have a TiVoHD that I am using with two different displays:

    1. a 16:9 HDTV in my living room
    2. a 4:3 SDTV in a second room (composite video modulated over coax, with some IR distribution as well).

    With this setup, I generally like to be using Aspect=Panel in the living room, and either Aspect=Panel or occasionally Aspect=Zoom in the second room. When I'm watching on the HDTV, I want the TiVo to be driving a 16:9 set, but when I am in the other room, I want the TiVo to be driving a 4:3 set (otherwise if I've taped something in HD and watch it on the 4:3 set, it appears stretched).

    I can toggle through Aspects on the remote...and I can dig through the menus to get to the tv ratio setting...but what I really want to find are some discrete IR codes so that I can add these to some universal remote macros (Philips Pronto, if it matters) - so that I can force the TiVo into Panel / 16:9 without having to toggle or go through menus.

    I have found some older posts indicating that discretes for these operations do not exist, but maybe there have been some recent developments. Can anyone help on this, or if you're in a similar situation have you come up with a decent workaround? Thanks,


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