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    Aug 24, 2007


    I'm sure this has been asked before but I haven't been able to find an answer to my issue. I have two standard DirecTV receivers (D10). My girlfriend has a Series two SA TIVO. First if I hook both DirecTV receivers up to her TIVO can I record one show and watch another? Second If I upgrade two other TVs to DirecTV DVRs will this set up still work on a third TV. Thanks for your help.
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    Those DirecTV receivers will work fine with SA TiVos. Connect one receiver to the Tivo for recording purposes and the other one to the TV for live watching. You can't use two DirecTv receivers on one TiVo. Using DirecTV DVRs is a separate issue. They can be used independantly.
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    A Tivo SA can only control One Directv unit. So you can only hook up One Directv unit to your Tivo.

    You can do as Jim has said and hook up One Receiver to the Tivo for recording purposes and use the other to watch live TV.

    With Directv DVR's or Directv/Tivo DVRs they are Dual Tuner so you can watch One Show while recording a Second, or record Two Shows at once while watching a Third Pre recorded Show.
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    My cousin has a series II dual tuner (DT) Tivo. She now has two functioning DirecTV coaxial feeds to her room from the dish and splitters, and a single DirecTV (non DVR) tuner. The DirecTV tech that ran the second coax today told her that it wont work with her DT Tivo, that she won't be able to use both Tivo tuners.

    I'm sure it's been hashed out somewhere here, but can't seem to find the answer despite my searching. Can someone more experienced with this setup point me in the right direction? I'll be heading to her house to play with it tomorrow.

    (BTW, I've got two cablecards in my Series3HDTivo at home, and have never used Directv (cox cable here) so I feel like I'm taking a step back in time to figure out her setup)

    Thanks for any and all input!
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    Dec 22, 2006


    The tech is quite correct. The DT TiVo will only work with one D* tuner. The second coax (assuming both are coming from the dish via a multiswitch - they can't be split) can be used with a D* DVR (with or without TiVo) to give two tuner support, but the SA tuner will only be able to record the station being watched.

    Your S3 will NOT work with satellite TV at all.

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