DirecTv Tivo's with RF Remote Capability

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    I would like to take the output from one of my DVR's (DirecTv) and run it to 3-4 different TV's. I have done something simlar in the past and believe I should be able to simply use a splitter to do this. What I am not sure how to do, is control the DVR from any room. I will run all the RG6 cable to all the televisions. I simply need the equipment that will allow me to control the DVR from any room. I am not necessarily looking for anything high end... just something that will work for me.
    Can you help?

    I have also heard some of the Tivo models have RF remote capability built into the unit. Anyone know which models have this capability?

    btw - I am currently using a Hughes HDVR2 (Tivo), a DirecTV DVR R-10 (Tivo), a DirecTv HR10-250 (Tivo), and a DirecTv HR20-700 (non-Tivo :-( )

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    I do not have an Hr20 but I believe, like the R15 I do have it has RF built in. You can go check all this out at the DBS forum for that particular model. The built in RF is one of the few best features that the R15 has over the tivo. I have an R15 in our bedroom and cabled it to two other rooms (guests rooms), I bought a couple of RF remotes from Directv and it all really works nice and did not cost more than the remotes (be sure to get RF remotes if you order from Directv). I believe the HR20 comes with an RF remote but again you need to check at the DBS forum.

    You should go to the DBS forum and then the HR20 site for more help:

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