DirecTV tivo for RV?

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    We are looking to get an RV. I currently have a DirecTV account for home and was thinking of possibly getting it for the RV. Would then just add a receiver to my account and use it in the RV.

    Would it be possible to get a DirecTV TiVO unit for the RV? Will DirecTV allow me to add it as an additional receiver? Just wondering if this is an option
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    Oct 29, 2003
    I am not sure with the mess DirecTV is right now you could still get a DirecTivo. I beta tested the latest version of it but it has been so many years ago I can't remember. 2006/7 maybe?
    Even then it was a very slow unit. Probably not worth it.

    I guess you could activate it at your home and just take it with you, but with DirecTV using almost all Genie equipment now, I am not sure you could even get a standalone DVR from them now. I would talk to other RV'ers and see what they recommend.
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    I am curious to know how this ended up working out for you.

    I bet they would still activate at least the HD TiVos from 2006 era, but if they could still do SD activations for 2002-2004 era, that's even better and money saving..especially if you don't need 1080p in your RV :)

    I wonder if get DirecTV service first for the RV, then call in and claim you have an existing TiVo that needs troubleshooting and see if they still have tier techs that troubleshoot TiVo @ DirecTV that standard customer support can transfer you to since troubleshooting TiVo is going to be far out of the norm for DirecTV customer care. Then any higher tier group might be able to help you activate a card for a DirectTivo, especially if you got the unit used with an existing deactivated card maybe? Thinking out loud, but other than OTA Tivos, a legacy DirecTV TiVo is the only option for RVs I feel like.
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    S3/HD TiVo's won't be activated by TiVo. One with lifetime can be used - but you couldn't take an old one without current lifetime service and have it re-activated by TiVo.
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