Directv Possibly going back to Tivo HD DVR

Discussion in 'DirecTV TiVo Powered PVRs & Receivers' started by raven540, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. sluciani

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    Apr 21, 2003


    +1. When I upgraded to HR20's in March, I was able to move my install date up to less than a week. My HDVR2 just died, so I ordered another HR20 upgrade and the soonest install date was over 3 weeks out. /steve
  2. HiDefGator

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    Oct 12, 2004
    I believe DTV is trying to focus on only signing up those that are likely to actually pay their bill each month. Dish is still trying to sign up anyone who can sign their name. This is also be a factor.
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    Oct 30, 2002
    WOW I guess you were a supporter of the "Separate but Equal" in the south as well. :thumbsdown:

    BTW D*= Directv and DTV= Digital TV, but hey at least you can sign your name.
  4. joed32

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    Jul 9, 2005
    I have heard that they are being a little more strict with credit ratings. I have a neighbor that was refused service for having no credit history.
  5. MisterEd

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    Jun 6, 2001
    TV Land


    True, and on top of that you now have to provide a FULL SSN (not just last 4 digits as it used to be). If you refuse the SN# or they reject your credit you can send them a check for $200 ($300 for advanced equipment) as a "deposit" which they will only return at $5/month as a credit to your account(besides the cost of the equipment).

  6. bigpuma

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    Aug 12, 2003
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    Yeah, that's the same. :rolleyes:

    I have seen way more people use DTV for DirecTV than Digital TV. You obviously knew what he meant.
  7. Mark Lopez

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    Jan 1, 2000
    Hondo TX
    Well, obviously just from posts here and the other board, a lot are switching. Certainly more (that have posted) than are bailing.

    I sure hope you don't gamble much. ;)

    I fixed your post for you. :)
  8. primetime73

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    Oct 11, 2005

    D*'s net subs of 128,000 in the 2nd quarter were an increase over the 125,000 in the year ago quarter as well as lowering their churn rate from 1.59 to 1.58 so basically flat. D* has lowered their churn rate pretty steadily over the past couple years probably somewhat due to the 2 year commitments people are signing up for as they upgrade equipment to the HR20. But even with the early bugs in the HR20 the churn is slowing. In fact Q1 of this year (when HR20 had biggest bugs)saw a churn of 1.44, the lowest in D* history so apparently a lot of the HR20 people haven't been running for the doors as you insinuate. BTW D* grew total subscribers 5% over last year's level. to 16.32 million subs.

    DirecTV's quarterly churn rate:
    Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
    2007 1.44% 1.58%
    2006 1.45% 1.59% 1.80% 1.57%
    2005 1.49% 1.69% 1.89% 1.70%

    Tivo on the other hand continues to languish as evidenced from their own drop in net adds. This excerpt was taken from Tivo's earnings press release.

    "TiVo-Owned subscription gross additions for the second quarter were 41,000, compared to 74,000 gross additions for the year-ago period. As has been the case in recent quarters, gross subscription additions were impacted by the pace at which retailers moved to a high definition sales focus. Overall, TiVo-Owned subscriptions totaled 1.71 million, up 136,000 on an annual basis compared to the year ago-period. As expected, TiVo reported a net decline in DIRECTV TiVo subscriptions during the period as DIRECTV is no longer deploying new TiVo boxes. Cumulative total subscriptions as of July 31, 2007 were 4.2 million. Additionally, the monthly churn rate was 1.2% compared to 1.1% in the prior quarter. This increase was in part due to subscribers seeking HD DVR alternatives."

    If you really want to look at investor's opinion of how Tivo has done during the past year go to Yahoo Finance and type DTV in for a quote, pull up the chart and compare to TIVO, believe me you will want to have owned DTV over TIVO stock during the past year, about a 30% difference in performance.
  9. Redux

    Redux No intent to annoy

    Oct 19, 2004
    Why? What is the need to come into this Tivo Community forum and attack Tivo? I have been asking this for months and I wish someone from your group could explain this to me.

    Tivo advocates have NOT, as far as I've noticed, gone over to the DirecTV-centric forums to attack DirecTV. Have I missed something? Is this retaliation of some kind?

    I woud not even _think_ of questioning moderators' decisions in allowing an avalanche of anti-Tivo posts in recent months, but why is the new ownerhip allowing this?
  10. Billy66

    Billy66 Again with shoelaces

    Dec 15, 2003

    The answer to why is because the topic was initiated here. Complain to AbmagFab if you want to complain to primetime73.

    Try to relax about it man. Times are changing for both companies and this forum. It will be ok.
  11. Redux

    Redux No intent to annoy

    Oct 19, 2004
    OK. Well I figured that's probably what was happening, that this will not be a Tivo forum anymore, going forward.

    Will there be some kind of official announcement, do you think?
  12. Billy66

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    Dec 15, 2003
    I dunno Redux. My guess is the new owners will be concerned about what drives traffic and the dollars associated. If things ever heated up again where TiVo and DirecTv could work together again we'd all be here to talk about that too. For now a lot of DirecTv customers are deciding how/when to go forward with DirecTv and their burgeoning technology or how/when to go forward with another service provider and maintain their TiVo.

    It's hard because as Dtivo users, we experienced the best TiVo experience (IMHO) when you combine all of the functionality and the cost of service. As DirecTv customers we're a fractured group now. As TiVo lovers we're also fractured from this. These fractures can heal and we can remain a community.

    I think with the exception of a few on BOTH sides of the fence that cause trouble and a few on BOTH sides of the fence that let the argument grow too big, we've been doing ok lately given our challenges as a community that was once one.
  13. fasTLane

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    Nov 25, 2005
    Sarcasm noted Redux. ;)

    Hopefully soon, the new HD will ramp up so they can stay busy feeling the joy. :cool:
  14. kiddk1

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    Oct 9, 2003
    Please I hope so, I cant stand the hr20 menu
  15. Mark Lopez

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    Jan 1, 2000
    Hondo TX
    No one is attacking Tivo. People are simply stating facts, and the Tivo zealots get all bent out of shape because it's not what they want to hear (i.e. that many feel the HR20 is a fine DVR).

    Maybe because those with an open mind don't really have any valid reasons to attack DirecTV (and it's DVR).

    Same reason as above - open minds.
  16. primetime73

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    Oct 11, 2005

    Look, in my opinion Tivo puts out a fine product and was one of the first to put out a quality DVR. I still run an HR10-250 in my bedroom as a 3rd DVR. I was responding to people like AbMag whatever and RS4 who conintually post half truths and have nothing but garbage to say about the HR20 which has turned out to be a fine DVR. These people rip a product they have never tried and refuse to move on and admit Tivo is dead to D*. I remember the posts of zealots claiming D* would meet its demise because of dropping Tivo when in fact quite the opposite is true.

    I have been running two HR20's for almost 9 months and neither has missed a recording or locked up. I realize early on there were problems for others but they have been improved and as an early adopter of electronics bugs should be expected. The zealots, many of whom have never even tried the HR20, just continually bash and refuse to admit the product is working and is being adopted. Look around this board at all the posts by people complaining the HR10-250 missed a recording or has audio drop outs, etc. It is not like the Tivo product has been perfect but heaven forbid someone point out the issues with a product that has been on the market for 2 years+ longer than the HR20. In my case it has missed more recording and locked up multiple times in the past 8-9 months while the HR20s have been rock solid.

    It just gets old reading the same BS about D* struggling or customers flocking away from D* because they want Tivo and that Tivo is the be all end all of DVR's when the numbers and my experience show that isnt' the case. Tivo puts out a fine DVR but at the end of the day the Hr20 is just as good even without the added content available.

    Reason why for me they are pretty equal:
    DLB's: I get around it fine by recording one show and flipping between them.
    Wishlists: never used on Tivo; but the search function works pretty much the same on Hr20
    Suggestions: waste of space, always turned off;
    Menus/interface: just different is all; HR20 acutally eaier to set up season pass and check to do list; and being able to access menus while still watching TV is a nice upgrade
    skip to tick: works fine on HR20
    FF and auto correct: works fine on HR20
    guide: works fine on HR20; the +/- 12 hour jump function is very nice upgrade; searching thru one channel is also fast and easy by hitting info on the channel name in guide and scrolling thru that channel just like the Tivo guide.

    Most of these are in response the half truths that claim you can't skip to tick, miss the Tivo guide, or that it is somehow harder to set up a season pass.
    Edit: looking around this board I found a few others, someone claimed you can't get to live TV as easy with the HR20: all you have to do is hit exit while watching a recording just one buttion just like the Tivo.

    Another claimed there was no 30 second skip; actually the HR20 has a dedicated button for it unlike Tivo where I have to program the function in everytime it resets.

    Reasons HR20 is better:
    MPEG4: more HD, less hard drive space taken up by recordings
    eSATA: easy to add a 750GB hard drive to my system and believe me it is very nice not worrying about space on the main DVR.
    Space used meter; very nice to know how much room I have on hard drive
    Networking: haven't done yet but don't really have need for yet.
    VOD: haven't tried to enable yet but a feature not available on HR10.
    Play Folder: plays the entire folder of a show; not a big deal but still a nice upgrade, also allows to delete an entire folder, again not that bif of a deal but still a nice feature.
    Speed: not even close, no more hanging for 30 seconds to a minute when changing season pass priority or searching.

    If you want to stick with Tivo and the limited HD capability or if you want to switch to cable to get the Series 3 that is fine. Just quit claiming the HR20 doesn't work or that no one likes the HR20. I get it you and others don't like something new but as long as posters bash it others will defend it and quite frankly the Tivo zealots are in a minority that is shrinking everyday. I am not trying to start a flame war, like I said Tivo is fine but the HR20 works and this alternate reality that some live in where some sizable majority is leaving D* over Tivo or that everyone hates the HR20 is getting really old.
  17. wolflord11

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    Jan 16, 2007
    The Costs to re-establish a partnership, come out with a New Unit and all that far outweigths the lost subscribers.

    Hell 80% of the Subscribers that have left Directv probally do not even know what Tivo is. They go for a number of reasons: Maybe they move to an area that offers Cable cheaper. Maybe they are moving overseas. Maybe they have been deployed. Maybe they are tired of all the BS on TV. There are many reasons.

    Remember the total number of Directv/Tivo subscribers is only small compared to Total Directv Subscribers. Also remember the numbers are not even right. You may have 1 Subscriber who has 2-3 even 4 units. So it is impossible to get a 100% accurate number.
  18. RS4

    RS4 New Member

    Sep 2, 2001

    You guys really get me. The first thing to remind you of is this is a Tivo forum - we're not on the HR20 forum. There is nothing on earth wrong with Tivo lovers pointing out that they prefer the Tivo over any of the other boxes in the market place today!!

    You guys are the ones speaking in half truths. What we have pointed out continuously is that the HR20 does not enjoy the same reputation as the Tivo - yes it has it's group of supporters and people that do like it, but it doesn't enjoy the reputation of folks saying this is the Tivo replacement. In fact it's just the opposite, I read time and time again about - 'if DirecTV comes out with a new DTivo, I'm going back to it.' I've seen surveys showing people don't even come close to endorsing it - in big numbers. This is especially true of Tivo users, so when a Tivo user is asking about the HR20, it's perfectly okay to point out that they may not like the HR20 if they love their Tivo.

    Tivo has had many of the features for years that you guys are now touting with the HR20. Yes, it has mpeg4 and vod and many of us certainly would want that, but most of the other stuff has been around for years.

    The area where most of you guys miss the boat entirely is in usability. Tivo was created by people who thought about how their clients would use the product - because of that - it flows. It has a good look and feel about it that many of us feel is superior to anything else we've seen on the market.

    The HR20 on the other hand gives me the impression that it was devleoped by a group of people in a hurry to get something to market - all they care about is getting their little function to work - not how people will use it. In my mind, DirecTV is no different than any of the other companies developing dvr's where that is not their main product - get the functions in and people will eventually figure out how to use it.

    Would some of us Tivo users like to try the HR20 at home, yes!! But most of us are smart enough to not shell out $300 for a product that is full of doubts - why on earth would we want to reward a company for a mediocre product?

    So, feel fine with your HR20, but don't come over to this Tivo forum and make fun of people or berate us when we comment on a product that we know is not to our liking.
  19. Cudahy

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    Mar 21, 2001
    I was a little nervous at first, but it looks now that all the HD channels in mpeg2 will be staying. We
    can wait for news now, once Malone takes over(can't be too much longer).
  20. Billy66

    Billy66 Again with shoelaces

    Dec 15, 2003
    You crack me up Cudahy.

    Just for additional giggles, let's say you're right and let's say that on Malone's very first day he declares "We must get TiVo back" then let's say that they reach an agreement the very next day. Let's say this all happens by the first of the year. Given all of that, when would you expect a new box to reach the consumers?

    I think I'm going to piss my pants at your answer. Please don't deny my that joy.

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