DirecTV+HD+TiVo Is there any hope at all????

Discussion in 'DirecTV TiVo Powered PVRs & Receivers' started by michman, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. Adam1115

    Adam1115 Well-Known Member

    Dec 15, 2003
    Denver ish


    Even if they did, that doesn't mean a company like TiVo would develop a DVR for it.

    DirecTV only has around 16 million subscribers (vs. 65 million cable subs).

    And even if they did decide to do it, it would take YEARS for such a box to be developed.
  2. trex527

    trex527 Tivo fool

    Jul 15, 2007
    It hurts my heart but I had to make that plunge and go with the hr-20 just a short while ago.I just ordered me a tv online(taxes)and I already have the 20 in my living room while my hr-10 was in the basement but D* gave us a deal on two dvr's:(.I just wish that D* and tivo would just kiss and make up but even if they did,I would be out of so much money because I would have to have it.
  3. TyroneShoes

    TyroneShoes HD evangelist

    Sep 6, 2004
    Yes you are.

    DTV and Tivo may not be talking turkey about a new DVR, but they have a long-term service agreement so they are definitely working together, and will be at least through 2010. But that, even if it were untrue, is beside the point. MPEG-4 is the future of vendor delivery (DTV just got on the bus first) and Tivo should be savvy enough to see their own future, which will in some ways be tied to that if they ever DO want to turn a profit.

    I am not saying that they are prepping a DVR for DTV. Obviously, that is not the case. What I am saying is that they have likely done the R&D to create one-offs of DVRs that will work with DTV signals, as well as other vendors. Tivo is very modular, and the differences between the current Tivo HD DVRs and one that would actually work for DTV or DISH or cable could be minimal, consisting of as little as an off-the-shelf module swap or two and a few lines of code being changed. IOW, much more simple a task than many have speculated about.

    It's important in business to be ready when opportunity knocks, and to have a plan to ramp up quickly if needed. It's a strong facet of survival strategy. The "time and money" is a relatively small investment to make when the goal is to sell something that otherwise doesn't exist to a cable MSO or DBS vendor in a global market.

    If you can plop down a working prototype on the desk of the CEO of "SkyScandanavia", for instance, that tiny investment may turn into gazillions of STBs. If you can't, the hardware vendor that can probably has a seriously significant leg up on you. I would not be at all surprised if that were not strikingly similar to the actual scenario that played out when DTV and Tivo first approached each other about a partnership just a few years ago.

    The probability of a HD Tivo for MPEG-4 at DTV is very slim. But those in business that guess wrong about their competitors' readiness do so at their own peril, and consequently don't last very long.
  4. slaponte

    slaponte The Iron Monkey

    Apr 6, 2005
    Miami, FL
    But wait, you went off to fast. If the Tivo is between the DirecTv or any other receiver/decoder and the TV, isn't that a standard HDMI signal? I am not asking Tivo to decode DirecTv's signal. By the time the signal leaves the DirecTv box via HDMI towards the TV it should be a standard format signal that any HDMI input TV can receive, no??
  5. spyhunter

    spyhunter New Member

    Jan 31, 2003
    Honolulu, HI


    If only they could produce a TiVo that could record 2 HD component inputs at the same time, but they don't even have one that can record 2 S-Video inputs at the same time, so this will probably never happen...

  6. Adam1115

    Adam1115 Well-Known Member

    Dec 15, 2003
    Denver ish
    Even if they could, by the time it would come out component will be obsolete. Everything is going HDMI.
  7. CKNA

    CKNA New Member

    Nov 8, 2004
    There will be no new D* Tivo ever. D* just bought Replay TV and that pretty much killed any possibility of new D* HD Tivo. Replay TV was better than Tivo anyway, and if D* will implement those features in their DVR's it will blow away Tivo completely. They hold many patents so Tivo can't sue D* like they did E*.
  8. Cudahy

    Cudahy New Member

    Mar 21, 2001
    Tivo may have to choose between having no directv customers in a few years or settling for a niche of a few hundred thousand to a million that would be willing to pay a few dollars a month more for a Tivo interface over the DirectDVR. Whether it takes a few months or a year is secondary.
  9. Mark Lopez

    Mark Lopez Just click ignore

    Jan 1, 2000
    Hondo TX
    Yes and no. Yes, the HDMI standard is there. No, one of the main 'purposes' of HDMI is for copy protection. Thus any box that intercepts the HDMI signal for the purpose of recording, would be in violation of some law.
  10. drumdude

    drumdude New Member

    Dec 25, 2007
    I left DirecTV for Time Warner Cable to get HD Tivo. Worst mistake I ever made! In a year these HD Tivo's go in the garbage and I switch back. :mad:
  11. magnus

    magnus Tivo User

    Nov 12, 2004
    Can I have them when you do? I think the landfills are full enough of Directv boxes as it is... for good Tivo boxes to be there too.

  12. cyberbeach

    cyberbeach Mere member

    Nov 29, 2002
    Lost Angles
    A friend of mine who did what you did (leave DirecTV for Time Warner) tells me I should follow him to Time Warner.

    From your point of view, what's the comparison between Time Warner Tivo and DirecTV DVR (non-Tivo) that makes DirecTV a better choice?

  13. carp5500

    carp5500 New Member

    Sep 16, 2007
    Have Comcast cable right now, very glitchy. Had the DirecTv installation guys in this morning and they told me their service wasn't compatible with my Tivo Series 3 boxes. Now I have Verizon Fios scheduled for install next month, they assured me they work well with Tivo, keeping my fingers crossed...
  14. HiDefGator

    HiDefGator New Member

    Oct 12, 2004
    About 85 additional HD channels. And each additional DVR costs me a whopping extra $5 a month on my Directv bill.

    When the power goes out here (hurricanes) my Directv system keeps going off the generator. Cable just goes down.
  15. Markman07

    Markman07 Active Member TCF Club

    Jul 18, 2001
    I have never been through a hurricane nor do I ever plan to be through one. We don't get many up here in the upper midwest. But if the power goes off due to a hurricane shouldn't your TV be packed into the back of a truck by this point? :)
  16. shibby191

    shibby191 New Member

    Dec 24, 2007
    Cable can go out for days at a time due to wind or Thunderstorm and "we'll fix it when we get to it since thousands of people are out" attitude. DirecTV keeps on humming in the meantime. Nuff said.
  17. HiDefGator

    HiDefGator New Member

    Oct 12, 2004
    You can't pack up 21 million Florida households and drive them to Tennessee every time a hurricane thinks about heading this way. By the time you know for sure it is coming your way it is too late to leave.
  18. jimb726

    jimb726 New Member

    Jan 4, 2007
    Cleveland, Ohio
    I used to live in Richmond and in fall of 2003 (I think) Hurricaine Isabel came through and decided to track west when it was supposed to bounce of the coast. Even though we were without power and phones for 10 days, I had my DirecTv up and running the next day off of generator. We were the life of the neighborhood at that time. I remember after the storm, cable was out for almost a month for repairs. I only know that because I had Comcast ISP and could not get on the internet for a month. It sucked.
  19. CrashHD

    CrashHD I am the me.

    Nov 10, 2006
    MO, USA
    I think it's commendable the way you Florida folks suck it up, get tough, and deal with it. You folks got balls. Certain other cities/states could learn a few things from they way you do things.

    You seriously get signal in a hurricane? Even if it hits you directly? If so, that's awesome.
  20. TyroneShoes

    TyroneShoes HD evangelist

    Sep 6, 2004
    Which is why I don't live in Galveston, TX anymore (I puckered through a cat4 hurricane and numerous tropical storms, and bailed on the threat of more).

    And you are exactly right. "Too late" is the operative term. But that is also exactly the attitude that will get thousands of folks killed one day, either in Galveston, Tampa, or another location where you can get stuck trying to get out too late, typically because you ran last time for nothing and don't want to bother this time.

    The bottom line is that if you choose not to evacuate it is just a game of Russian Roulette. It's not a matter of if, but of when that tragedy will happen, just like it was a matter of "when" the levees in N.O. broke.

    Over six thousand people perished in the storm of 1900 in Galveston because they couldn't see it coming and had no way to leave quickly. That is the functional equivalent of just not leaving, and so due to population growth if 1 in 3 don't evacuate, twice that many (who refuse to evacuate) could perish next time. Correction, WILL perish.

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