DirecTV & Connecticut Channel 24(CPTV)

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    a bit off topic folks, but i figure someone here knows this. at 12-6AM every night, this stations broadcasting is terminated. there is plenty of programming on during this time frame. I know, because my parents that live right down the road have comcast, and are able to get broadcasts during this timeframe. since we can't get the national feed for PBS,(we have CT locals) it would be nice to be able to see this programming. it's not life or death, but it would be nice. i've called cptv, but they never call back, and dtv doesn't have a clue. any help would be appreciated.
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    Could it be that the station does indeed cut off the OTA signal, yet still passes a signal to the cable company?
    It could be a way for them to save money in electric costs. They may think that no one is watching in the middle of the night, so why keep the transmitter up.

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