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    I have a standard def directivo reciever/DVR for the past 4 years and it has been working great. Recording and live show playback has slowly become macroblocky. I suspect that its my drive has never been reformatted or defragged. Would this be the case even if Old shows I have recorded years earlier play just fine? I am just now finnally getting around to transfering shows from the drive I want to change.

    How can I defrag or reimage/replace a directivo drive. I don't think directTv will give me a new Tivo DVR even though I have a maintenance plan
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    Dec 22, 2006
    You're right in that you won't get TiVo-based DVR as a replacement.

    The best thing to do is a Clear & Delete All and restore the unit to all defaults. This will wipe out all your recordings and other settings, but it will possibly extend the life of the box.

    Alternatively, go to the TiVo Upgrade forum, buy a new drive and install it.
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    Your HD is likely on it's last legs, I've been through this a few times now.

    I've taken the opportunity to buy some nicely sized drives as replacements. Weaknees sells kits that are easy to install.

    IIRC, the fs that Tivo uses doesn't really need defragmenting.

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