DirecTivo freezes up - anyone have any ideas why?

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    Nov 5, 2003
    I have a DTV Hughes SD-DVR40 Tivo. I got a WD 320GB disk, baked InstantCake 6.2 on it, and used it on the SD-DVR40.

    After baking the disk, I used MFSLive to edit the bootpage of the disk. I set the upgradesoftware=false, which means that this disk cannot be upgraded by DirecTV or Tivo.

    This was back in Sept., 2012.

    I used it for several years and had no problems for a while. But just last year (2017), I noticed a problem with the Tivo. It always reboots about 2AM every night and then downloads information afterwards on Channel 100. After the downloading from Channel 100 was over, it would switch to the channel on the other tuner (for example, if the other tuner was on channel 514, it would download on channel 100, then switch to 514, causing both tuners to be on the same channel, which is rare for DirecTivo).

    Last year, the Tivo would freeze on an image after rebooting & downloading. The Tivo would show one image of whatever channel it switched to, then the image was frozen. I thought it might be the feed so I hit LiveTV or the DirecTV button, but nothing happened. I couldn't get it unfrozen unless I unplugged and plugged the DTV, which caused a hard reboot.

    This worked for a month, but after a month, the disk would not boot up properly and the DTV would be stuck on the grey "Welcome. Powering up..." screen.

    So I thought the disk was going bad. In my experience, the disks used by Tivo last between 3 and 7 years because it is used heavily because it's always working.

    I then used ddrescue to clone the disk to a new PATA disk. Using the instructions from this website:
    (the link is now stale but I captured the contents on GetPocket)
    ... I was able to clone the disk

    I then got the DTV back up. I thought I solved my problem.

    But....the DTV still has the same problem as before! At around 2AM, the DTV reboots, downloads information on Channel 100, then switches to the other tuner's channel and freezes.

    How can this be? By replacing the disk, I pretty much eliminated hardware problems of the hard drive as the problem. Is there some software bug in Tivo that's causing this problem?

    Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so, any advice on how to resolve this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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