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  1. camerondielmann

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    Jan 17, 2006


    I was wondering the following.

    1.can you connect a tivo to a comp for dvd burning?

    2.if so how/what supplies do i need?

    3.i have been hearing of tivo boxes deleting certain programs like football games adn other sport events is this true? do i record two shows while watching a third

    i searched tivo's website and direct tv and found no useful info
    any help would be apprecated. :)
  2. JaserLet

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    Dec 13, 2005
    1&2) I haven't done this yet, but there seems to be several methods. Lots of steps involved though, it's not just a simple one-step process, but once it's configured it seems to be pretty slick. Look at The Zipper threads in TiVo Underground section of this forum.

    3) I don't know. Hasn't been an issue for me.

    4) You need to have two satellite connections, either a dual LNB dish connected with two cables to the reciever or two cables from your multiswitch to the reciever. It just works. It can be as simple as picking two shows in the guide to record, then go to Now Playing and pick a third show to watch. You can jump back and forth between the two tuners by pressing the "Live TV" button. This is one of my favorite features of the DirecTivo units, you can watch (and buffer) two channels at the same time and there's still enough hard drive horsepower left to watch a third, previously recorded, show while the other two are recording. It just works. That's the magic of TiVo.

    Another scenario.... say you have a season pass to record your favorite wine tasting show that normally comes on at 4:30 every afternoon. You come home early from work at 3:30 PM, browse through the guide and choose to record Tremors 4 which starts at 4:00 PM. Then you browse the Now Showing list and watch the previously recorded Night at the Roxbury. Come 4:00 the machine will start recording Tremors. Come 4:30 the machine will also start recording WineToday. All without interrupting your movie. It just works.
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    The easiest way to connect the TiVo to a PC is by using a video capture device. Then play the show and capture it to your hard drive. Use DVD authoring software and then burn to a DVD.

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