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    We moved to Hawaii and had to get AT&T wireless service which was recommended as the most reliable in our area, for our home business. We signed up for Direct TV since that is what we were using for years on the mainland along with a TiVo Series II DVR. Now Direct TV is saying we cannot hook up TiVo with their new Genie recording system. We have had TiVo since it came out and didn't realize that Direct TV wouldn't support it. Is there a way to connect our Series II? At the least, we would like to access the TiVo hard drive to view shows that are already recorded.
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    You would have to connect it via the composite inputs (Yellow Video, White/Red audio) and have it setup for DTV to have guide data.

    This is not exactly correct. You cannot access the hard drive itself by hooking it up to a computer and expect the shows to be there. The only way is to download from the Tivo via your network using programs like Tivo Desktop, PyTivo, KMTTG.

    The Series 2 is the last of the Tivo series that support DTV, not counting the DTivo models.

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