Digital converter box video artifacts with TiVo S2

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by Schmye Bubbula, Jul 15, 2011.

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    Oct 14, 2004


    I have two digital converter boxes for over-the-air connected to my two single-tuner TiVos (Series 2 TCD540080).

    I made sure to get approved models that work with the TiVo IR blasters: a Magnavox TB100MW9 and a Philco TB100HH9. (From the looks of them, their identical on-screen setup dialogs, and the fact that their remote controls are interchangeable, they're really the exact same model inside.)

    My problem is that when connected with a Composite video cable (RCA phono plugs), there are vertical stripes visible. The stripes are seen only in objects on screen colored a species of red (reds, faces, browns, etc.), and the stripes are cyan (the complement color of red).

    I'm pretty sure I can rule-out a defective converter box, because both of them exhibit the stripes.

    I also spent an afternoon troubleshooting with process-of-elimination diagnostics by swapping-out cables (including a high-falutin' shielded cable), different combinations & permutations of connections, and satisfied myself that the problem occurs when & only when the converter box is plugged into the TiVo. (For example, the converter box connected directly to my old CRT TV's Composite input doesn't display the stripes.) Also, there are no stripes when I connect the converter boxes to the TiVos with coax antenna cables. I would just give-up and go with the latter, except the picture quality is of course better using the Composite connection.

    So I conclude that there is some interaction per se between the TiVos and the converter boxes' Composite circuity, and my question is, is there such thing as some kind of filter to place in-line with RCA jacks that would suppress this interference? I've seen HDMI cables with chokes or something on each end of the cable, but I believe that they are supposed to trap RF from transmitting to other devices — what I need is something to get spurious interference between the two devices to which the cables are connected, not other devices.

    If I have to, I'll just switch back to the coax antenna cables — and I'm unemployed and not buying a new TiVo; besides, one of mine has Lifetime on it.

    If anyone knows of such an interference filter, what's it called, and would Radio Shack have it?


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