Did my cable card install fry my Series 3

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by arctanstevo, Aug 16, 2007.

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    (Posting to the correct forum)
    Finally got around to calling Comcast to come install cable cards in my Series 3. I bought it in January, transferred lifetime from my series 1, and have just been using with analog cable.

    New TV on the way, called Comcast, ordered digital cable. Guy shows up, seems pretty smart. Installs cards, goes to test screen, nothing. Calls, someone says, of course nothing, he doesn’t subscribe to digital cable. Explained it was part of the order. Cards removed, tell me to run guided setup, and they will fix their end. Strange, but ok – freezes in the middle of setup. Unplug, plugin.


    Can hear the drive spin up, the fan spins up, but nothing. No lights on in the front, nothing on screen. No bootup. Sad

    Am I screwed? Not sure if it’s the HD or the system somehow got shorted out.

    Suggestions welcome.
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    If no other solution, the unit is still under warranty and can be returned to TiVo for replacement.

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