Did everyone get this message?

Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by HeatherA, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. TonyD79

    TonyD79 Well-Known Member

    Jan 4, 2002
    Columbia, MD
    It appeared to me to be worded very carefully so it did not indicate a problem. Just a general reminder that didn’t really matter. Hey, just make sure your payment info is up to date. That isn’t pointed at all. Kind of like “walk, do not run, to the nearest exit” at the movies.
  2. pfiagra

    pfiagra Active Member

    Oct 13, 2014
    I’m not at the movies nor near any exit. Why would you tell me this?
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  3. MizzouJames

    MizzouJames Active Member

    Jul 15, 2019
    It may be an attempt to get customers to go visit the tivo website and see any new deals and offers they are pushing.
  4. VicVinegar

    VicVinegar New Member

    Sep 18, 2015
    I just got it on my Lifetime Roamio. Logged in and verified I still have lifetime. I did update my address since I moved...not that Tivo needs to send me anything.
  5. Barovelli

    Barovelli Where Are My Tacos?

    Nov 9, 2001
    I got the message on a lifetime premier. Went to tivo.com to check this out and see that "no active dvrs associated with this account".

    Some troubleshooting points me to a network error - but network is working fine thankyou.
  6. Laughs Brightly

    Laughs Brightly Member

    Jan 23, 2016
    Also got the message only on my Lifetime Roamios. Account looks fine online except for all those expired credit cards :)
  7. kettledrum

    kettledrum Active Member

    Nov 17, 2003
    Fishers, IN
    Just so long as they don't remove Skip Mode and then charge extra for it! That was one of my thoughts when i saw the message on my Roamio with lifetime.
  8. TiVo_Ted

    TiVo_Ted Well-Known Member

    Oct 3, 2000
    Hi guys, we're looking into this now. That message is only supposed to go to customers that are on a monthly or annual plan and their payment method is expired. It should obviously not be going to anyone with AIP/Lifetime service.
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  9. bradleys

    bradleys It'll be fine....

    Oct 31, 2007
    My wife saw it and was a tad annoyed
  10. Mikeguy

    Mikeguy Well-Known Member

    Jul 28, 2005
    Checked my earlier Lifetimed Roamio, purchased from TiVo (with a credit card that would have expired by now): received the email. Checked my current Lifetimed Bolt, purchased from TiVo (with my current credit card, although I thought that the credit card has received a new expiration date since then): no email.
  11. JoeKustra

    JoeKustra in the other Alabama TCF Club

    Dec 7, 2012
    Ashland, PA...
    I get more junk mail daily than this (second) silly email. Hi Ted. Say happy. :)
  12. chiguy50

    chiguy50 Well-Known Member

    Nov 9, 2009
    Atlanta, GA
    FWIW, I just ignored the message as clearly not pertinent to my PLS status. But I can imagine it caused quite a bit of distress for anyone on a monthly or yearly service plan.

    Fortunately (?), I think most of us living in the computerized age are accustomed by now to getting frequent messages (or telephone calls) that must be ignored. If only Skip Mode worked outside of TiVo!;)
  13. pj1983

    pj1983 Active Member

    Dec 26, 2016
    BFE NoVa
    I have (one of the last, probably) Mini's that's still on monthly service. I received the message on a lifetime Mini. ((shrug))
  14. dlfl

    dlfl Cranky old novice

    Jul 6, 2006
    Dayton OH
    And even worse, indicating that something carelessly irresponsible has been done that causes much unjustified worry and effort. Such malfeasance was not tolerated in the old pre-computerized business world. :mad:
  15. pdhenry

    pdhenry Recumbent

    Feb 27, 2005
    It seems that the only people who received the message have expired card numbers for that TiVo. It's silly that Lifetime TiVos displayed it, but if you have a monthly or yearly plan they intended for you to see it.

    Of my three TiVos with Lifetime the only one to display the message has an expired credit card tied to it (not that I did anything about it).

    TIVO_GUY_HERE I miss the ocean

    Jul 10, 2000
    Dallas Texas
    I got it, and my bolt CC doesn't expire till 2021
  17. mobilelawyer

    mobilelawyer Occasional Old Timer

    Jan 3, 2006
    Mobile, Alabama
    I got the message as well, but it has no relationship to your TiVo subscription. All the devices I got it on are lifetimed.
  18. Mikeguy

    Mikeguy Well-Known Member

    Jul 28, 2005
    (Just as an aside: is there a reason that you still are paying monthly on the Mini? Have you tried speaking with TiVo about converting it to Lifetime for a 1-time payment? (I thought that TiVo was doing this for $50, at one point; and that some others found that allowing the Mini to get deactivated and then reactivating it again online in their TiVo account resulted in Lifetime service, or an invoice from TiVo for $50 for Lifetime service on it.))
  19. pj1983

    pj1983 Active Member

    Dec 26, 2016
    BFE NoVa
    No reason other than sheer laziness. I see the monthly charge and think to myself "Need to do something about that", then set the bill aside until the next month. Lather, rinse, repeat. :(:mad:
  20. trip1eX

    trip1eX Well-Known Member

    Apr 2, 2005
    i got it and ignored it. Roamio Plus. Lifetime.

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