Did 14.8 update break MP4?

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by sirfergy, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. sirfergy

    sirfergy Member

    May 18, 2002


    I have a bunch of content I pushed over to my TiVo in H264/AAC format that played just fine with 14.7 but with 14.8 every so often the HDMI connection is lost and the video and sound drops out for a second or two.

    This does not happen for TiVo recordings, live TV, or mpeg2 pushed content.

    Anyone else notice this? Any suggestions for fixing?
  2. jtag48

    jtag48 New Member

    Jun 6, 2011
    I have not tried H264/AAC format but have had no issues with H264/AC3 format on 14.8.
  3. crxssi

    crxssi Veteran TiVo User

    Apr 5, 2010
    I just pushed/played a 2 hour avi/h264/ac3 to the Premiere last night through PyTivo without any problems. Of course, PyTivo can/does/will transcode on the fly as appropriate, and in my case, I believe it unfortunately ends up being ??/mpeg2/ac3 when it hits the TiVo (there is always a visible quality loss). I have nothing in mpeg4/h264/aac.
  4. jcthorne

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    Jan 28, 2002
    All my content is mp4 with h264 video, ac3 audio. Works fine under 14.8 but I do not use HDMI because of its DRM problems.
  5. jeff92k7

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    Jan 18, 2006
    on planet earth


    I made a home video of one of my kids in a performance at school. Encoded it in an MP4 as AVC/AAC and pushed it with pytivo. Played fine. It was about 3 minutes long.

  6. crxssi

    crxssi Veteran TiVo User

    Apr 5, 2010
    Theoretically, you can push just about ANYTHING with pytivo, because it transcodes whatever container and codec combination is presented to it into something the TiVo will accept. The problem is that it is not completely apparent when it transcodes or why. Trying to pick just the right magic combination (container, video codec, audio codec, bitrate, resolution, etc) that can be pushed without transcoding is tricky. And when something *is* transcoded, there is usually at least some loss in quality, and other times a lot of loss in quality; and of course it can slow down transmission and load up your computer.

    It is irritating that the TiVo, itself, doesn't accept or understand more combinations. There are, of course, some limitations, based on what the hardware chipset can decode (a TiVo has NOWHERE NEAR enough CPU to transcode anything). But when I was researching it, it seemed like there were way more artificial restrictions than necessary.
  7. orangeboy

    orangeboy yes, I AM orangeboy!

    Apr 19, 2004
    East Moline, IL

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