dial out problems with hdvr 2

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  1. theexpert111

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    Aug 10, 2008


    Hello im am new to this .

    I have a hdvr2 on the left side it says direct tv on the right side of it, it sais hughes receiver, it has the old version of software version 3. 1 or so. my problem is the receiver works but when i try to do the recording it will not let me it wants to dial up ? I have no phone line that can reach the hdvr2.
    I called dtv they say I have the dvr service on the account it should work.

    what can i do if any thing is there a way to disable the dial up or any hack ect , or is there software to upgrade to the curent 6.4 and if so will that work. thanks in advance
  2. JimSpence

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    Sep 19, 2001
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    Can't you get a long phone cord to connect it, to allow it to dial out, so it can clear that message? It may be wanting to connect to the mother ship to install a software update. Then just ignore the message after that.
  3. Dkerr24

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    Other than 'ppp serial' connection, there's no other way to get 6.4a except with a POTS line connection.
  4. theexpert111

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    Aug 10, 2008
    theres no way i can get a phone line down there in the basement, is there no ther way to do this so i can record , some of the forms are saying download the 6.2a software for 20.00 will this prevent the unit from dialing out
  5. unclemoosh

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    Can you temporarily move the box upstairs to the phone line? It doesn't have to be connected to the dish to make the call.

    You can also get a wireless phone jack fairly cheaply. Because, if you don't hack it, it's going to nag to call every so often.

    The version of the software isn't going to change the phone call requirement.

    There are a few other threads recently started by pokiepie on this subject. You can search and see the same answers. Your question/problem is very similar to his. :rolleyes:

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