Detroit Market -- FCC Repack by March 13, 2020

Discussion in 'Season Pass Alerts' started by JohnS-MI, Mar 3, 2020.

  1. JohnS-MI

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    Jan 25, 2014
    SE MI


    Yes, I know we have several "repack" threads where we gripe after the fact. I'm hoping a warning here will salvage some season passes.

    Detroit market has 7 stations moving to new frequencies on or before March 13, 2020 including the ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS affiliates. Your Tivo will likely have no guide data, and not recognize the new frequencies without a scan and manual recordings until guide data catches up.

    WXYZ has announced for Saturday, March 7. WDIV and WTVS have announced for Friday, March 13. The other 4 have no announcement on their website and I haven't caught a scroll on TV yet. If anybody has caught the dates for WWJ, WPXD, WADL, or WHNE, please post here.

    Update: WWJ has now announced Friday, March 13
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  2. davidscarter

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    Sep 28, 2015
    Rescanned this morning on my FireTV Recast and lost the CW affiliate (WKBD)—which supposedly already changed last summer. :( Will see what happens when I rescan next weekend to catch the other station changes...
  3. JohnS-MI

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    Jan 25, 2014
    SE MI
    My channel 50 is fine on two TVs and a Tivo; you are correct it changed last year. It might have just been the time you scanned. My reception of channel 50 sometimes breaks up when it is windy, also there are a lot of shared towers in the Detroit market; there have been some instances of a channel being off the air because of work on the antenna of another channel on the same tower. If it matters, try scanning again.

    I have an open support ticket on the WXYZ channel change for Tivo guide; no action yet.
  4. MBfromMI

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    Apr 13, 2004
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    That’s curious because mine is fine. It was fixed with my 11am download right that morning. I was actually amazed it happened that fast! Has your TiVo made a call in?
  5. JohnS-MI

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    Jan 25, 2014
    SE MI


    My ticket was updated today, and I now have guide data on the correct channel 7. I wasn't paying much attention yet as I don't have a season pass scheduled on ABC until Thursday, so I can't really say when mine was fixed. I never got an email my ticket was resolved, I had to check the site. I'm more worried about Friday as I have lots of season passes on CBS and NBC.
  6. wanab

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    Aug 10, 2020
    I have same problem up here in green Bay , WI with the FOX station WLUK channel 11-1. Since repack in JULY this station has bad reception on my TiVo roamio OTA where it drops the signal and pixals out. Had to buy an Amazon TV Recast which has NO problems. Tried watching the Packer game on the TiVo yesterday but got so disgusted with the drop outs had to switch to the Recast..All my other tvs work fine on WLUK. Called TiVo and gave all the diagnostics report for 11-1 WLUK in Green Bay,Wi and all was set right according to them. But why just the TiVo loosing reception? Do I need a new antenna? so TiVo can the auto commercial skip of the TiVo but these drop reception issues is a deal breaker for me . Any help out there?
  7. Schmye Bubbula

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    Oct 14, 2004
    ^ It's only your Roamio OTA with poor reception after the repack, and your Recast pulls them in as strongly as ever? I have a Roamio OTA, and I figured that so many of my TV stations suddenly started pixelating a few months ago must have been because their UHF channels moved to even higher frequencies. My old Series 2 had much better reception than my TVs' tuners back in the day; is the Roamio known to be weak? Grrrrr!!!
  8. ThAbtO

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    Apr 6, 2000
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    The new frequencies are higher in the spectrum and more towards cell transmissions which can cause interference.

    What I have done is adding a LTE filter to the coax and much of the channels have seemed to improved.
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