Detroit Channel 7 (WXYZ) ABC This Evening (Monday Oct 14): MNF, DWTS, Good Doc

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    Sep 28, 2015


    The Detroit area ABC affiliate (Channel 7 WXYZ) is simulcasting tonights Monday Night Football game (Detroit at Green Bay), but as of this morning's guide update this is still not reflected in the guide data.

    According to what was announced during the WXYZ news this weekend, Channel 7 will air a pre-game show at 7pm this evening, followed by MNF at 8pm. The pre-empted Dancing with the Stars will air at 1:06am tonight (Tuesday morning), and the Good Doctor will air at 1:06am the following evening (Wednesday morning).

    Also, sometimes when this happens the MNF game is NOT aired on ESPN in the local market, so if you were planing on recording the game you may want to pay attention. (I've set up to record both channels...)

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