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    I would like to transfer files from TiVo to my new ZEN Vision:W (60G) ... I saw that the new 2.4 release of TiVo Desktop adds conversion of files in a directory TO the TiVo ... are these files stored on your PC or is it done on-the-fly so that you couldnt use this transcoder to send files to your ZEN Vision:W ?

    I would LIKE to be able to transcode existing .TIVO files to my ZEN and for other files that I have I would like to transcode and transfer to my ZEN ... Is this possible?

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    You should not have to get the 2.4 with plus. The Zen will work with the 2.3 version.

    I have two TiVos - 1) a Humax DRT800 and 2) a TiVo brand Series 2 140 hour. They require different ways to handle getting the recordings on to my Zen.

    The easy one first. From the Series 2, I do TiVoToGo and send the files to my computer. I use DirectShow Dump to turn the .tivo file into a "movie clip". THis only takes maybe 30 seconds to do an hour long program. I then use Windows Media Player and use the "Sync" function to copy the files over. That takes a minute or so to move over.

    On the Humax, apparently it uses a different unrecognized audio format (AA3 I think). It is more involved. I start out the same, but have to use a commercial transcoding software to convert it from the "movie clip" into a avi file. Takes an hour+ of transcoding to end up with a playable avi file.

    Anyway, that's my experience. If you have the series 2, don't bother getting the upgraded TiVo Desktop.


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