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    My music library has grown considerably (via legal means) in the last few years. With the Windows folder structure the way it is, it's not always easy to find my latest music once it is 'shelved'.

    I was excited to find that Tivo's Music Player can recognize shortcuts and easily play music from the source folder. I created a folder named 'New Music' and added shortcuts to the albums recently released. Because my the source folders are named by album, I had to give the shortcut explicit names, such as, "The Shins - Wincing The Night Away". Life was good.

    Then came Desktop 2.4. Tivo still sees the shortcut and I can play the music, but it ignores my shortcut description and shows the actual folder name. Now I've got a folder full of shortcuts, but it's hard to know what they are. I mean, 'Neon Bible' may be an easy listing to figure out (Arcade Fire), but how about 'The Reminder'(by Feist)?

    Has anyone else encountered this issue? Any solutions, other than rolling back to 2.3?

    Thank you!
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    Create playlists instead. TiVo supports .m3u playlists, so you can create a playlist of all your new music then publish that instead. If you don't like the names of the files in the playlists then you can simply open the .m3u file in NotePad and rename them as you see fit.


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