Defragmenting TiVo files on NTFS

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    When using TiVo Desktop on Windows XP, TiVo files on your PC's hard drive can be spread across thousands of fragments. The Win XP file system, NTFS, ordinarily handles this pretty well, in the sense that you don't notice it slowing down even as it accesses widely separated parts of each TiVo file. However, defragmenting your hard drive occasionally can make a difference in how well other applications perform.

    Unfortunately, the Disk Defragmenter routine that comes with Win XP will often refuse to defragment TiVo files. I don't know why. It just does.

    There is, however, another routine you can download for free from Microsoft that may do the job. It's called Contig, which is short for "contiguous." Contig.exe is a command-line routine, so it doesn't have a nice graphical user interface like the built-in Disk Defragmentation routine, but it's not hard to use. Just open up Windows Explorer, hold down the Ctrl key as you click on one or more TiVo files, then drag them and drop then onto Contig.exe. It'll open in a command window that closes automatically when it's done. You may have to run Disk Defragmenter and Contig more than once, and even then they may not defragment everything; but sometimes Contig will coax Defragmenter into handling TiVo files.
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