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  1. snakroo

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    Jun 6, 2007


    I've got a brand new Series2 DT, and trying to connect to it from my MacBook Pro, running OSX 10.4.9. I installed TiVoDecode Manager and it opens from my System Prefs just fine. However I can't seem to connect to the TiVo via Decode Manager. For one thing, the TiVo does not appear in the list (I thought that was a big point of Decode Manager, to detect the TiVo via Bonjour, right?). So I entered the IP address manually, and when I click "Connect to TiVo" I get a message that it cannot connect to my TiVo, and to check the IP address and the MAK, both of which I did double check and which appear to be correct.

    The TiVo is hardwired via Ethernet. When I go to the TiVo IP address via Firefox it appears to be connected to the network. Also I can see my Mac's photos and music on the TiVo.

    I've tried various firewall settings including turning the firewall off entirely, and turning it on but allowing TiVo desktop.

    Any ideas here? Everyone else seems to have smooth sailing with Decode Manager...but not me! Grrr!
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    Dec 14, 2006
    Did you activate transfers on your TiVo account? If not, then please read the "Read Me" that came with TDM.
  3. adamb4040

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    Jul 15, 2007
    I am having a problem with Tivo Decode Manager. I have had it working for months now and all of sudden I am getting the same error message your getting about checking my IP address and MAK number.

    TivoToGo connects and works correctly. Is anyone else having this problem. I like Tivo Decode Manager since it will export a mp4 in 640x480 instead of the 320x200 that TivoToGo is restricted to.
  4. bedelman

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    Feb 26, 2001
    If you're have TiVo Transfer (part of the Roxio Toast 8 package for Macintosh), there's a way to enable an "expert mode" that gives you a lot more export options and more resolution choices.

    Once you've actually exported something, like it appears that you have, typing in the following line in Terminal will enable the "expert" mode and you'll have the additional options.

    defaults write com.roxio.Toast "tivo export mode" -integer 1

    Here's a link to an image that shows the extra modes that are enabled...


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