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    Hi All:

    So, I've been a long time Tivo user with minimal problems. My Series II never died, I just stopped using it due to upgrading to HD. My 2 tuner premiere is still working at my parents house after what, 9 years? I did upgrade the hard drive on that one.

    So, I upgraded to a Bolt + in 2017. No issues of note since then. Last night, for the first time, I tried to download a show onto my iPad via the Tivo App. I was simultaneously watching TV via a Mini. Download started, went to read some e-mail, came back to the app to check on the update, and as I opened the app, my tv froze, then went blank, as did all the info in the Tivo App. Walked into the other room to assess the Bolt+, and find that it has 4 blinking lights.

    Now, I've always come here for reviews/advice, but haven't been since I bought the Bolt, as I've had no issues! So, I read up up on 4 blinking lights... doesn't sound good! And It sounds like it's a pretty common issues... So here are my questions:

    I have lifetime service: Any chance of getting relief from Tivo since this is such an "known" issue?

    If I go buy a new 2.5" drive, are smaller drives more reliable than another 3TB? Or should I stick with 3 knowing it may also crap out in a short period of time?

    Can someone point me to a thread that details (step by step, or video?!) the process to add the external 3.5" drive with an external enclosure via a SATA cable (in particular, what bits do I actually need to buy... )?

    Thanks in advance!

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