Dead Toshiba sd-h400....

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    My 7 year old Tivo Toshiba sd-h400 appears to be dead (hard drive maybe power supply, will not boot up).

    Does this unit have value on ebay or to upgrade with tivo for a new premiere? It has life time plus.

    I also have a Tivo-HD 3 1/2 years old with $99.00 a year plan, just renewed in december.

    What are my options?

    Can I pay full Premiere price and transfer my $99 annual plan to the new one? Would my tivo-hd then qualify for the $99 life time offer some have received?

    Looking for options.
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    If I was you I would fix the Toshiba as it is worth over $100 on ebay fixed, as it has the lifetime plus. If I can't fix a Toshiba that I have with software problems, I might sell you a power supply to fix yours, or someone on here might offer a power supply. Or you might be able to fix the capicotors on it. If it is a HD problem, there are people on here that can tell you how to put the Tivo software on a replacement hard drive. I don't know how to do that.

    Call Tivo and see if they would transfer the plan to a new Premiere. I have never done something like that but some people have mentioned that they have been able to get a deal when talking to Tivo.


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