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Discussion in 'TiVo Underground' started by jgrove, Aug 22, 2019.

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    Hello, TiVo fans -

    I have a TiVo Series 2 that I activated with Lifetime service back in 2005.

    Over the years since then I have purchased other TiVo boxes (currently a Roamio, a Premier XL, and several Minis, all with lifetime) and I stopped using this one on a regular basis because it couldn't handle digital TV. But I still would pull it out twice a year and plug it in so that it could check in with TiVo and stay active.

    I did this until a year or two ago, when calamity happened. I plugged in the box and it started up normally. After it checked in with TiVo it announced that it had to install a new system update. It started the update, and then bricked itself. I tried rebooting several times, but nothing happened.

    So I stuck the now-dead TiVo in a closet and forgot about it. After all, I wasn't using it much and it was obsolete.

    Fast forward to July 2019, and I received the "Summer Breeze" promotion email, allowing people to buy a new TiVo Bolt VOX and transfer their lifetime service to it. Looking at the promotion fine print it said:

    "Qualifying Customers: Owners of TiVo Series 2, TiVo Series 3, TiVo HD, TiVo HDXL, TiVo Premiere and TiVo Roamio series DVRs with Product Lifetime Service or All-In Service Plan who have connected to a TiVo service between July 22, 2018 and July 22, 2019."

    Well this made me think that perhaps it was worth trying to revive my old Series 2 with a new hard drive (my best guess is that something in the drive failed, which caused the software update to fail) so that it would be eligible to participate in a future Summer Breeze promotion.

    I went looking for the dead TiVo, and so far I have not been able to locate it. We moved to a new house last year, so it's either A: still at the bottom of a moving box somewhere, or B: thrown out during the move.

    So here are my questions:

    • If I can find my old Series 2, can I put a new hard drive in it, put a new TiVo image on the drive, and then start up the TiVo? I have the TSN, because it still shows as Active in my TiVo account online. I saw people in these forums saying that TiVo is no longer activating old boxes -- would this prevent me from reviving it this way?

    • If I can't find my old Series 2, can I buy a used Series 2 online and put my TSN on it?

    I feel like I've already invested too much mental energy into thinking about this, and too much time looking through moving boxes, so I'd like to know whether there is any way to revive this TiVo Series 2, or if I should just move on.

    Thanks for your input!
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    Yes, you can put in a new drive, up to 1TB. The original drive is a PATA and current drives are SATA so you would need an adapter. Not all adapters are the same and may not work properly.
    No, the TSN is permanently embossed on an encryption chip.

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