Dead HDMI port?

Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by kad7777, Nov 20, 2019.

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    All of a sudden, no signal. Rebooted. Changed HDMI cable input. Switched HDMI cable. Unplugged everything except Tivo and HDMI to TV. Still nothing. If I try to use Tivo remote, I see lights blinking on front of Roamio, but still no video signal.

    UPDATE: couldn't use component connection as my OLED TV in living room has only HDMI. So, brought the Roamio Plus to the basement and connected there. The component connection is working on the Tivo so I could at least use my Roamio. Did call Tivo and they couldn't help but offered a Bolt replacement (for a fee of course).
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    Had the same issue on my Roamio w/ lifetime. Unable to resolve it; fortunately we still have a Roamio using Component in the basement, so switched them - the component output is working fine.

    Likely my last series of TiVo's - considering HDHomeRun or some other solution going forward.
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    Base or Plus/Pro? Try another video output and see if that works.
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    May or may not have any relation to your problem, but I wanted to point out that HDMI/HDCP is very finicky about WHEN the cable connections are made - the TiVo MUST see the handshake when it happens, or it will shut off the HDMI output.

    Here is a good example - I do not have enough HDMI ports on my old AVR for all my attached equipment, so some of the devices are connected through an HDMI switch. When I boot one of the TiVos on that switch, it shows all boot screens and the eventual HD output just fine IF I am watching that signal actively during the boot process. But if I switch to that device sometime in the middle or at the end of the boot process, the TiVo has already shut off the HD output because it did not see a required handshake at the correct time in the boot process.

    With my old S3, there seems to be several different points when the handshake can happen, since if I switch to that device in the middle of the boot, the screen will be blank, but it will come back at HD level by the end of the boot process. If I use the buttons on the front of the S3 to change the video output to an SD level, I immediately get a picture, confirming that it is actively blocking the HD output until it gets a valid HDCP handshake from something connected to the HDMI port.
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    I have several TiVos (Raomio, Permiere, and HD) with dead HDMI ports but the component outputs still work fine. Try component output. I suspect my problem is actually in the HDCP function and it was caused by a ground loop between the TiVo and TV. As far as I know there is no economical way to fix the TiVo HDMI port.

    There are cheap ($20) component to HDMI converters on eBay but the resulting cable mess is worse than just running component cables.

    Added: I just saw this convereter on eBay: The short built-in integral cables and USB power create a much neater setup than 3-ft RGB-RW cables (and power wart) like I'm using now. It is more than a little aggravating that the TiVo HDMI/HDCP is so fragile and non-repairable but adapters like this are better than a new box or losing lifetime support.
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