Daybreak -- Season Thread **spoilers**

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    May 29, 2002


    (2019, Netflix apocalypse comedy series)

    I enjoyed this. It has a very Zombieland feel.

    A nuclear/biological holocaust has turned most of the adults into goo and a small percentage into ghoulies -- zombie-like creatures who thirst for blood and repeat the last sentence they spoke as humans -- for example, "It's my cheat day" or "I should cancel my Facebook account". The surviving teens in Glendale, CA are grouped into tribes like they were in high school -- jocks, geeks, cheerleaders, 4H, outcasts, etc.

    Numerous flash backs, 4th wall breakers, flash backs queued up, narrated and walked through by 4th wall breakers, and flash backs revisited from another character's POV.

    The downside with binging shows is how soon you're left wanting for more.
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    We binged it over last weekend. We enjoyed it. It almost lost me in the middle but then it picked back up and finished strong.

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