Dating in the Dark. (Entire season *Spoilers*)

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  1. rrrobinsonjr

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    Nov 25, 2004
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    They specifically say "day 2", so I'm guessing it's like a weekend..2 1/2 days.
  2. rrrobinsonjr

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    Nov 25, 2004
    Northern, VA
    That chubster is going to have a rude awakening in 10 years when no one remotely close to as happening as that guy has given her a second look.

  3. mattack

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    Apr 9, 2001
    I'm probably missing something. When/where do they say that ABC is paying for a date?

    I thought they were just doing sort of a "drive off in the sunset together" ending, not that they were literally going out on a date right then, especially not paid by ABC.
  4. latrobe7

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    May 1, 2005
    You may be right, I would've sworn they said that in the first episode at least, but maybe not.
  5. rrrobinsonjr

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    Nov 25, 2004
    Northern, VA


    They've never specifically mentioned paying for a date outside the house, but I'm sure they at least send them to a nice restaurant together with a few bucks.
  6. gossamer88

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    Jul 26, 2005
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    Once again the women seem to care more about appearances than the men. What is going on here?!!

    Gina (the "feisty" one) was cute at best and she thinks the guy is not good looking enough or too old looking?!!
  7. dbranco

    dbranco Active Member

    Nov 20, 2003
    Has anyone ever seen any updates on the couples? I missed the first two episodes so I watched them on ABC.COM. At the end of each ep, it said to check the website for updates on all the couples. But there's nothing on the site, as far as I can tell.
  8. tetspa

    tetspa New Member

    Mar 17, 2005
    Well, after watching every episode, I stand by my original post that said women (at least the majority of the ones on this show) are MUCH more superficial than men. I don't have an exact count, but I can only recall 1 man who left a woman hanging on the balcony (the guy who couldn't handle the girl-who-packed-a-bible's religion). It seems to me that every other "woman" who went on the balcony met the man there. Yet approximately half of the guys who went on the balcony got stood up. It was interesting that quite a few of the women who walked out the front door "cried" about how they just "discovered" that they judged by appearance. One woman even said she would meet the guy in the darkroom with the lights turned on, and stood him up. On the other hand, 2 men were upfront about not finding a connection BEFORE THEY SAW WHAT THE GIRLS LOOKED LIKE, and chose to be honest and not "agree" to meet the girls and lead them on.

    The only inspirational moment in the entire series was in the pilot when the "girl-next-door" was able to get the "hunk" guy. Interesting that the only "average person makes a connection with a hot person" that ended up well was a hot guy meeting the nice girl, but NEVER the other way around.
  9. The Spud

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    Aug 27, 2002
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    The husband of one of the posters over at Fans of Reality TV works with one of the guys that was on the show. The woman rejected him, but not for any reason that might have been suggested during the show. When she went on the show she had a boy friend. Apparently that relationship is over and the 2 of them have been talking about trying to get together.

    Here's the thread. First post on page 4.
  10. JYoung

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    Jan 16, 2002
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    I was pretty sure that Gina was going to bolt by the 30 minute mark because she was pretty immature throughout the whole thing.

    I suspect the tears were for the fact she knew how bad she would look on National TV

    I do tend to believe that woman can be just as superficial if not more so, then men.

    It's just that it's men who get bashed for it.
  11. Ment

    Ment Well-Known Member

    Mar 27, 2008
    I put this on the 'Watch when I have nothing else on' list but now I wish I'd watched it earlier. It's a good series in the reality genre and hopefully it comes back. It's on Hulu for those who missed any EPs.

    The girls/guys that left thru the door must have been asked by the producers to not look back. I'd think there'd be an intractable temptation to look toward the balcony.

    I don't think girls are more superficial than guys but girls do have more 'non-negotiables'. Guys might have the same concerns about a girl but they are more risk takers and will take the plunge.

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