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  1. iwheela

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    Nov 24, 2006
    Hi all,

    I searched, and found one answer but still have a question. Directv was recently installed with the basic D12 receiver that replaced our very old Sony receiver. No serial port on the back and I don't have any other Tivo cables to connect the receiver to my tivo unit. After researching, I'm quite sure I need an IR blaster to connect both boxes. I know I "can" purchase online, but would like one soon. Like today. Can IR blaster be bought in ANY store? I'm in SoCal and was on the phone at Fry's forever so I hung up. Hoping someone has a store suggestion. Thanks.
  2. JimSpence

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    Sep 19, 2001
    Binghamton, NY
  3. wolflord11

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    Jan 16, 2007
    As Jim has said, any IR Emitter will work. And yes, Radio Shack does carry them.

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