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Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by Ilene, Sep 20, 2006.

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    What if the S3 could transcode Digital Cable content using the tried and true MPEG2 encoder hardware for video transfers? I think CableLabs is dubious toward MRV and TTG for the simple fact that the TiVo stores perfect bit-for-bit copies of Digital Cable streams. VCRs, Tape Recorders, MP3 Players, etc... have survived numerous court battles thanks in large part to the fact that the content is not a perfect copy of the original source (and "fair use," as it was defined before the DMCA screwed us honest folk).

    Since that is (or used to be, anyway) often the case, why not have the TiVo transcode unaltered Digital Cable video to the crappy "Best Quality" setting provided by the TiVo's MPEG2 encoder for transfers between the PC and S3->S2 boxes? It would significantly degrade the quality, making at least some of the naysayers happy. Another potentially feasible layer of copy protection (for S3->S3 MRV) would require both boxes be equiped with a CableCARD(s) with the same credentials.
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    It can't transcode.

    Plus it wouldn't matter, it is any digital transfer out of the box in any form.

    The issue is purely DRM and protection of the content and they're working on certifying TiVo's methodology.
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    I'm not so sure about that. I'm pretty sure that the same laws that prevent the cable companies from encrypting the broadcast channels, or charging extra for them, also prevents them from copy protecting them. So the broadcast networks should be fair game regardless of where they come from. Although I'm not an expert on the subject so I could be mistaken.

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    In general, it is not the cable co's place to set the content flags. That is for the networks (incl. cable networks.)
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    logically- I totally agree.

    But if Cablelabs is illogical (hmmm wouldn't that be odd- LOL)- it wont matter.

    You are workign on the premise that cablelabs will aprove it for some content, so in other words to they believe it can respect flags and restrictions. .If they trust that it respects flags and restrictions then they essentially are saying it is fine (and then they should approve it for all content) . They either have to trust that the tivo system respects flags and restrictions or they dont.

    If cablecards doesn't approve the system at all- then there is no way for tivo to enable it for certain cablecard content (even if it's the OTA stuff reboradcast on their system) but disable it for other cablecard content. (who will intruct the box that chanel 2-1 is OTA so its OK but 3-1 is an HD RSN so it isn't?)

    I think if they dont allow it then tivo will need to diable it for all cablecard tuned content and so the networks will be unavialible too.

    I guess we're all just speculatiing and need to see what happens over the next few months.

    Does tivogaurd get approved by cable labs or not?
    Does it get approved with restrictions?
    Does Tivo appeal to the FCC if any part is not allowed?

    if some how parts are not allowed, what will TiVo do- rework things, cut them out, etc?

    time will tell...

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