CTivo: Where did it go?

Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by ebstone, Sep 9, 2020.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I hope this finds the community safe and well.

    Im not sure if this is the place (as i have already done a Google search on the topic and found nothing), but it said general discussion.

    I have been using CTivo for quite some time. The program got very regular updates from the developer. Suddenly in November 2019, everything stopped. Posting in GitHub (where the program resided) by the developer and no updates since then.

    The developer (username: mackworth) seemed like a very nice guy and was very responsive to the community about questions and support, so my first thought was that I was hoping nothing had happened during the pandemic, and then beyond that if anyone could perhaps give me some insight or if they have heard anything about the developer or the program.

    Any info or links would be appreciated.

    Stay safe and have a great day

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    This is just an assumption on my part as a fellow Mac developer, but Apple decided to turn off 32-bit support in Catalina, most likely wanting to force devs to use more up to date dev tools for the upcoming architecture change.

    Unfortunately this means a total rewrite from Carbon frameworks (which were originally promised to support 64-bit), to a much more opaque series of Cocoa frameworks. I am guessing the dev felt that it just wasn't worth the effort.
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    I know nothing about nothing. Except he did seem to pop back up yesterday and committed changes yesterday and today. So presumably he still exists, his attention may have simply been elsewhere, we all lose interest in projects from time to time.

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