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    Have a S4080R with Directv service. I get an error message looking for sattelite 2. I have switched cables and both cables are good. Even tested both cables on a different receiver. Problem seems to lie within the tivo unit. Please advise.
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    Welcome to the forum. Suggestions for the future: 1) Select the appropriate forum section (in this case, DirecTV Receiver with TiVo), and 2) Use a meaningful title.

    There is a common problem with the DirecTV TiVos in that the power supply starts to fail and this causes Tuner 2 to stop working. The power supply is easily replaced with one from a donor unit of the same general type (Series 2 DTiVo) or one you buy separately.
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    I agree with you on #2. I give #1 a pass because the OP needs help and this IS the TiVo Help Center. ;):)
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    Nonsense, the title gives us all we need to help him.

    If crow1skid, switch to crow2.:)

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