Criminal Minds casting news (spoilers from last season)

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    I'm kind of surprised by this and not surprised by it at the same time... Paget Brewster is returning to Criminal Minds and Rachel Nichols is gone. I'm not surprised Paget is back because ever since it was announced that JJ was returning there was a lot of speculation that Prentiss would be back too. And Nichols being gone was only a matter of time anyway.

    The only reason I'm surprised is because I can't imagine how on earth they'll be able to write Prentiss back into the BAU after the way her character exited... I get that it's a TV show but I think having a character who is technically, legally dead return and begin working again as a full fledged FBI agent on an elite team is gonna be hard to explain.

    Then again, after the way fans reacted by the firings in the first place, I doubt anyone will care, as long as the team is back together. Although from what I read, Thomas Gibson hasn't signed on yet... I said it before, I still think they're back-pedaling on the women because they're preparing for the possibility that Hotch won't come back. After the riot that happened for "breaking up the family" before, I think if they suspected Gibson might not re-sign, then they needed a back up/insurance plan. We'll see I guess.

    This was my least favorite season of the show and it's pretty obvious why--the cast and the characters they play are what makes this show separate from every other POS procedural out there. It's the only crime show I watch for that reason, so it didn't work for me this year. Hopefully now that they're in tact and that god-awful spinoff is gone, the show can get focused again.
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    I think one of the reasons they got rid of the women was to save some cash for the spin off. To reduce the cost of the per episode of the original show. The actress playing the Garcia character basically doubled her screen time between the two shows and she had to be paid for more work also. Forest Whitaker wasn't working for scale pay.

    With no spin off there was no new cash cow. So they rehired the women to shore up the original show to keep it thriving (continue making money). The fact many fans didn't like the cast change could also be a factor. Can't afford to piss off the loyal fans of the original show.

    Gibson's possible exit could be a factor also.

    In the last episode of this season:

    Rossi was the one who was talking to J.J. Not Hotchner. A.J. Cook mentioned in an interview that was because she thought the producers most likely were covering their bets in the event that Gibson doesn't come back next season.
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    From day 1, the showrunner insisted the new show had nothing to do with the cast changes on the original. Over and over. Then a few weeks ago, right after CM:The Spinoff was not renewed, she finally admitted they did cut JJ & Prentice to create some money for the spinoff. (geez, really?:eek:) And now they're back.:up::up:

    I think the negotiations with Hotch are semi-unrelated to all this. I don't think it's them trying to save money, or make another cast change. They learned their lesson. I think he's just playing hardball, and both sides will eventually come to terms.
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    I wish they'd keep Rachel Nichols, and dump the Prentiss character entirely. Her exit storyline was just confusing and worthless IMO. And so out of character with close bond the team had with one another.

    I am glad that A.J. Cook is returning though.

    The other main problem I have with the group dynamic is that it seems like other than Reid who has the total recall going on, the skill set of everyone else seems identical. They could drop everyone but Reid and one of the others and they could still solve anything.

    As it is, though, I like the show and am glad it's been renewed without too much shakeup.
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    Thread bump! [the title worked, so let's reuse it, save some electrons]

    Paget Brewster Departing 'Criminal Minds' at Season's End

    Paget Brewster is leaving Criminal Minds -- and this time, it's permanent.

    The 42-year-old actress took a temporary break from the hit procedural in 2011, but CBS confirms to The Hollywood Reporter that she will officially end her run at the conclusion of the current season.

    Her character, Emily Prentiss, originally exited the series last year, when it was revealed she faked her death, but Brewster and co-star A.J. Cook returned as series regulars during the current season.
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    More info...

    Paget Brewster is leaving "Criminal Minds." According to EW, Brewster, who joined the cast in Season 2, will exit the hit CBS drama after this year.

    "Please know it was a hard choice," Brewster said on Twitter. "I love everyone at CM and the fans! I just couldn't ignore my gut feeling. It's time for something new."

    Brewster and fellow "Criminal Minds" actress A.J. Cook were involved in a controversial cast shake-up in which Cook was axed from the show and Brewster's episode count was reduced. Her character, Emily Prentiss, eventually left the team, faking her own death with the help of Cook's Jennifer "JJ" Jareau.

    However, after an outcry from fans, both Brewster and Cook returned to "Criminal Minds" as full-time cast members for Season 7. During her limbo period, Brewster joined the cast of an NBC comedy pilot.

    According to EW, Brewster and co-star Matthew Gray Gubler were in talks to extend their contracts for Season 8. When Cook returned as a series regular in Season 7, she signed a two-year contract.

    CBS has yet to order an eighth season of "Criminal Minds" and so far, there is no word on Gubler's status with the show.
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    In another article (Ausiello?), it was revealed that she was forced to return to the show for contractual reasons, and she's leaving now because she can.
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    [incredibly obscure reply]


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    But shtupid.

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