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    I have a series of videos that I created that exist in QuickTime MP4 format. I have successfully transferred these to my Premiere using TiVo Desktop Plus. The problem is that each video shows up as a separate item in Now Playing. These videos are actually separate episodes of a series and I'd like them to be in a folder/group rather than being listed individually. Clearly, there is some metadata that needs to be edited in order to make this happen, but I've looked at the relevant fields and can't figure out what to change to make it work. Is this doable? I see that the files that export from the TiVo are in .tivo format. Do I need to convert my files to .tivo files. I'm fine with this, I just don't know how. FYI, I have access to both PCs and Macs, so any necessary tools can be in either format. Any ideas?
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    Your best bet is to create metadata text files for each episode and push the shows from your computer to your DVR using pyTivo. With Desktop Plus and QuickTime files there's no way to make them group once they transfer to the TiVo.
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