Cox Phoenix Switches to DSG Mode for Cisco Tuning Adapters

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    Cox Phoenix updated my Cisco Tuning Adapters this morning from using Legacy OOB mode to the newer DSG (DOCSIS Set-top Gateway) mode.
    Old Firmware was FLASH: STA1.0.0_1520_LR_F.2001
    New Firmware is FLASH: STA1.0.0_1520_BDSG.LR_F.1601

    It looks like it's one step forward, OOB to DSG, but 2 Firmware revisions backwards. Moving from F.2001 to F.1601

    The Diagnostic Signal Levels for OOB (FDC & RDC) are now gone, so it looks like it will be harder to do diagnostics.

    There is a new Page in the TA Diagnostics Menu: "DOCSIS Information" which has the Upstream and Downstream levels.
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