Cox communications and OOH streaming

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    Help please anyone have
    Cox communications?
    If so does OOH streaming work on android or ios?
    If it does work are you in the Phoenix Arizona market?
    I have had my bolt+ since it came out,upgraded from premiere 4. When I had fios, I had OOH streaming working. We moved 2 years ago and it has not worked since I got the local cable provider cox communications. It took me a while and this forum to realize I was supposed to have the cox app. I get an error on every recorded show when I view off my home network on WiFi or off WiFi on android and iOS non rooted, non jailbreak. I have a TiVo stream that used to work perfectly but support said stream and bolt can’t live on the same network so it’s in a closet collecting dust.
    I can watch shows from my TiVo app fine while on home network and my OOH setup passes every time in the TiVo app. Is cox supposed to block every channel?of streaming out of home. I literally did a test and tested 15 channels from news to Gotham to mtv to greys anatomy to tanked all blocked for ooh streaming ....

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