Cox cable vs DTV?

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    Oct 15, 2004


    I’m located in Phoenix Arizona and I'm trying to figure out how to lower my TV service bill. At present I have Direct TV. A HD Tivo unit in my living room, a HR-20 DVR in my master bedroom and two standard receivers in two other bedrooms. I’m paying for the equipment protection program also. For a monthly bill of $90.13 per month. I was thinking about going with Cox digital cable and either renting two of their DVR’s or purchasing two Tivo’s from Best Buy. But then I would have to pay the monthly Tivo charge. I already have Cox for telephone, and high speed internet. Do you think Cox is a better way to go or should I stay with Direct TV?
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    Feb 23, 2005
    I have cox in phx as well and for the internet ( i am on the 7mpbs) phone (unlimited plan) and cable (expanded, basic, variety tier, sports tier, movie tier HBO, Cinimax, and all the HD chanels) it is $155/month with all the taxes

    I hope this helps

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