Could you share with us your review of Hydra vs Pre-hydra OS

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  1. Thos19

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    Dec 31, 2002
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    My experience: I used Hydra on my Roamio for over a month. Did not find it user friendly as it made TiVo prior functions for me cumbersome and aggravating (even though I regard myself as technically capable). I had hoped to get used to it, but ultimately I went through the hassle of backing up almost 2TB of programming to my PC, downgrading, and uploading he saved shows again.

    Much happier now. Would be very leery of Hydra (even with fixes and improvements in the future).
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  2. Joe-C

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    Jan 11, 2018
    Just got my refurb BOLT. Total hassle to get them to swap this box. Three calls and over an hour of time. Basically a bad network board.

    It gave me the NEW interface. WHAT ON EARTH WERE YOU THINKING? For us (that would be my two kids, wife and me), the BIG BAD FLAW is that the channel lineup is too small now from across the room. Sure, we ALL wear glasses and we're mid 50's ish in age. But really, this is just too small to read from a bed or even my 55" TV. We sit closer than some and it is still too small.

    I have little doubt that a programmer could fix this by letting users pick the menu size. Something like small / medium / large for the menu height and fonts, Etc. Being a software developer (and a good one), I see no reason why this should wait. What f flaw, what an oversight, what a bad idea to make the channel lineup so small and hard to read.

    The setup menu? Honestly it looks like Windows 3.0 or some terminal server thing. If you want to see smart design, just go to Southwest Airlines website. What do you want to do when you fly? Book a flight, confirm and pick seats... They put it in your face and it is large enough to catch your attention for the "big" and most likely things.

    What on earth were you thinking? Who tested this thing? Someone with a 42" monitor that was sitting 30" form the screen? What on earth were you thinking?
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  3. chiguy50

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    That's some strange family unit you have going there.;) I guess, unlike most of us, you have no problem relating to your children?:rolleyes:
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    You can always revert to the gen3 UI (but lose any recordings unless you download them to your PC).

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    Another drive by posting.
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  6. alexb

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    Jan 4, 2003
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    Moved to hydra during alpha, it passed the WAF straight away, she hasn’t wanted to go back. My 72 year old mother in law even can figure it out with zero training in the guest room with the mini.

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