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    I have this Vidego28 media player. It's a cute little mp3/avi player that works well. I am trying to automate downloading video onto it. I want to transfer video from Tivo and convert and move it to the player automatically. I have it down pat, except the video isn't playable. I am converting using ffmpeg (TVHarmony beta). The player came with some cheesy software that converts to avi. It works fine, but I can't incorporate that into the automated process. So I am using ffmpeg in my automated procedure.

    What I am trying to figure out is what settings I need for ffmpeg to convert the videos into the same specs as the program that came with the player. Is there an application that I can use to look at the avi's that are created with the included program (called aviconverter or something generic like that) to determine the EXACT specs. Then I can setup ffmpeg to mimic those settings. I have tried a bunch of stuff (framerate and framewidthXframeheight) but the files still aren't playable. I am missing something, but have no idea what. Maybe the way the sound is encoded? who knows. I'd like to compare a working avi and a nonworking one to see the difference.
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    It looks like you have a 320x240 mp4 player. Videora may do what you want. It's a ffmpeg GUI. Don't let the iPod converter part dissuade you. I only just downloaded it myself and just used it once (so far) but it has several mpeg4 settings that should produce video that will work on your player. It also seems to have the automation capabilities you seek.

    Up to now, I've used SUPER (C) to convert about 100 files for my iPod but am now testing Videora.

    Good luck.

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