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  1. Sparta Boy

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    May 24, 2004
    sparta nj

    Hopefully this question is not some kind of violation of Tivo usage etc...

    My son was recently shown on a TV commercial which a neighbor recorded on his Tivo unit. I'd like retrieve that file and strip out any kind of Tivo formatting, so that it can be burned to disc for years to come. I'd love to send a disk to the proud grandparents who dont have tivo but I'm mostly thinking long term - save this file so that my son can show his children one day - I think my desire to archive this file will outlive Tivo (I'm afraid to say).

    I have Tivo units and can transfer my recordings to my PC but I dont think I can ask my neighbor to install the Tivo desktop software on his computer just so that I can grab that file....

    any suggestions?

  2. FatesWebb

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    Apr 30, 2007

    I might be mistaken, but as honest as your request is, I believe it violates the rules in the stickey above.. I am somewhat new, so I am probably incorrect...... still trying to learn the rules on that...

    However I believe that mp4 files, which are what play on the psp also will play on any windows machine with the correct codecs... at least the ones I have do, but I haven't yet tried converting tivo to psp....
  3. TiVo Kid 2003

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    Sep 1, 2003
    You (your neighbor) can access the programs on the TiVo directly through a web browser using https & the IP address of the TiVo (username "tivo", password is the Tivo's media access key). This will allow downloading of the program w/o installing Tivo desktop.

    However, to open/access/edit the program, you'll need the neighbor's media access key which "unlocks" the file. If I were you I'd use VideoReDo, it's terrific for editing.

    I'll post an URL to a thread describing how to use the https access method, unless someone else beats me to it (gotta run out to a client right now).

    Note that I'm only explaining the mechanics... regarding TOS etc.... I don't claim to be an expert.
  4. hsfjr

    hsfjr (no subject)

    Apr 13, 2002
    Simplest way to accomplish that (without violating anyone's rules) is to get a DVD recorder (a "set top box" like a VCR, but records to DVD) and hook it up with whatever [probably analog] cables... then just play from TiVo and record on DVD recorder... it's what is refered to as the "analog hole" in the whole DRM debate/debacle. Then take DVD back to your PC and can rip/edit and re-author with whatever tools you have/purchase. The quality is perfectly fine for Grandma, etc...

    anything else would require asking neighbor to compromise his MAK, etc...
    (but a little "googling," adjusting search terms, and a bit of digging will probably lead you in a reasonable direction, such as to VideoReDo, as poster above slipped in while I was typing)...

    And a little more browsing here eventually turns up a project name or two that might be useful...

    Do "those kids" still pour bottles of dishwashing soap in the fountain every year for homecoming? (as if they don't do that anywhere else but Sparta...)
  5. rambler

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    Dec 3, 2005
    Transfer it to your tivo from his, by lugging your tivo next door. You'll need to run cables from his out jacks to your inputs, and probably have to both tivo's hooked up to a tv so you can make them do what you want, but it's not terribly difficult. Search the forum for "record from camcorder" for more details. I've done it before, but forget exactly the sequence - you setup a manual recording to channel 0 or Showcases or something like that.

    If you have a tivo with built in burner, it's a lot easier to transfer stuff in from another tivo.
  6. greg_burns

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    May 21, 2004

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