Controlling TIVO HD skip and replay buttons from LG TV remote

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    I just wanted to share a project I did during the lockdown.
    We got a new LG TV that has the ability to control the TIVO HD with no programming. It detects the TIVO and just works!
    Unfortunately they neglected buttons for skip >> and replay <<

    My solution was to use an arduino nano programmed to receive whatever IR signal is sent from the colored buttons on the LG remote and translate them back to the TIVO.
    The whole thing is an arduino nano, a resistor, and an IR LED. I just tapped off the signal from the TIVO's IR receiver, and tapped some 5V. I placed the IR LED near the receiver. The arduino sits just inside the front panel behind the TIVO logo.

    The arduino is programmed to only respond to the colored buttons. It gives a very short delay, then retransmits the TIVO IR signal for the desired functions.

    If anyone is interested, I can send the arduino code. I suppose it could be programmed to work from an button from any remote with a little bit of effort.

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