Controlling 2 Tivos with one remote

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by Goober96, Oct 4, 2007.

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    I've done what the book says to set the remote addresses, but the Tivo that I have set to remote address 1 still responds when the switch is set to 2. The one that is set to remote address 2 will NOT respond when the switch is set to 1, which is correct. Why does the one set to 1 work no matter where the switch is set?
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    Yes, the DVR1/DVR2 switch doesn't mean address 1/address 2 switch, both sides of the switch comes programmed for address zero, you have to program them yourself.
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    Most likely you didn't actually change the IR code for one Tivo and it's still set to "0" so it will respond to any code.

    The best ways to do this are to block the IR receiver of one Tivo or unplug one TiVo while setting up the other.

    go to the System info screen and scroll down once so that you can see where it says what code the IR is set to. Set remote to DVR1 and press and hold the pause and Tivo buttons until the red light stays on. Point the remote at the TiVo and enter the code (1 - 9) you want to use for that Tivo. press the navigation button to move right and you should see the IR code change to the number you just selected. press the Tivo button - because you don't ever want to be on the system info screen while using the remote to control the other TiVo. Repeat with remote set to DVR2

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