Contacted DirecTV about upgrading HR10

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    Not to excuse D* for subcontracting installs out to installation companies that apparently employ less-than-skilled installers, but to be somewhat compassionate to these "grunts"--please keep in mind that quite a few of them (whether experienced or otherwise) are being paid nowhere near what they should be earning. If I were to believe the guy who did my install...he said he was being paid $25/hr--and that's before he has to cough up money out of pocket to pay for tools/cable/gas for his own vehicle (apparently not all contractors get to drive around in D* vans/trucks)/etc. I don't find that amount totally unbelievable--after all, after everybody else above him takes their cut of whatever D* is paying these subcontracting install much do you really think is left for the installer himself?

    I'm not saying that all installers are being paid $25/hr., but don't delude yourself into thinking for one moment that these subcontracted installers are being paid very well for what they do.
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    Oct 30, 2007
    I'm also curious about how to get HD content over a single wire
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    Does D* list the what cities get local HD service?
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    Jul 27, 2006
    In a few weeks to a couple of months the Single Wire Multi-Switch (SWM) SHOULD be available.
    Any HR20/21 or H20/21 and D16 will be compatible. You only need one wire for Both SAT tuners. OTA can be diplexed out to the DVR and no more BBCs!
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    D* offers some local channels but not all of them i.e. Atlanta OTA NBC 11-2. If you option not to get locals D* credits your monthly bill. I have invested in an OTA system because in 1994 D* did not have local stations. I get great HD content OTA so why do I need to pay D* for part of the stations?

    My HR10 works great with OTA. I was promised an HR20 not HR21. It is hard to make a decision based on bad input from D*.
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    Aug 29, 2004
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