Considering DirecTV - best deal & questions please

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    Hello -

    I'm considering getting DirecTV and I have some questions, please:

    1) How can I get the best deal? Is it worth calling them directly, doing it via their web site or some other sites that sell their service? Are the deals pretty much the same or it can vary? What's the current best deal one can get?

    2) Is there a non-HD receiver that has an HDMI out? I'd like to simplify the wiring and just use an HDMI cable into my A/V receiver which can do HDMI switching.

    3) Is there an HD receiver with DVR that only records standard def? I'm not interested in recording anything off the HD channels and if I do, recording them at maybe standard def would be fine. I know they have an HD DVR for $200 but I don't really want to pay that for a feature that I may not use.

    4) I have a TiVo series 2 dual tuner. Should I attempt to use it with DirecTV service if it's even possible, or should I just get one of their DVRs?

    5) Is there a contract requirement with the current deals and what happens if you move before the contract expires?

    6) Is it true that in California you can cancel the service and get out of the contract within 30 days if you're not happy with the service?

    Thank you for all your help.
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    1) Review the forums and watch the newspaper ads.

    2) No. Only HiDef equipment provides an HDMI interface.

    3) No. The only DVR that can record all current and upcoming HiDef channels is the HR20 HD DVR.

    4) You can use a Series 2 DT Tivo with a DirecTV Receiver as its video source. But you won't be able to take advantage of the two Tivo tuners, just the one external video source (the DirecTV Receiver). Best to get a DirecTV DVR.

    5) Yes. Two year commitment.

    6) Don't know.
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    as an aside, they currently have the sunday ticket with premier free 4 months. So you are getting premier free. I dont know how the receiver thing works or if you can get it less than 200.

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