Considering coming back to TiVo.

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    So, I used to have a DirecTV TiVo unit way back in the day. I am currently giving serious thought about leaving DirecTV after 2 decades.

    I currently have DirecTV Premier package and run the HS-17 Genie2 server with 5 Genie Minis (2 are 4K). Overall, I have no real complaints with the service other than the pricing. I call every year or so and get good discounts, but I am growing tired of having to do so. I do use AT&T wireless, so streaming to mobile, data-free is a good perk. What’s kept me with DirecTV for so long is NFL Sunday Ticket. However, there are other options for purchasing now, and I maybe content with just the RedZone channel anymore.

    If I were to leave DirecTV after all of these years, I would be switching to Verizon FiOS TV. As I already have. Verizon FiOS internet, I would save considerable money by switching. Rather than renting 5 set-top boxes at $12 per month each, I would be purchasing a TiVo Bolt VOX and 4 TiVo Mini VOX. I think that I would be happy to be using TiVo again.

    I would love to hear from anyone who has recently made a similar transition to see if there were any regrets, or would have done something differently. I would also love to hear any advice on steps to take to ensure the transition is as painless as possible.

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    I came home to tivo a few years ago, on top of Verizon Fios.

    You’ll love it and will feel right at home. My only suggestion - especially if you had directivo back in the day - is to roll the bolt and minis back to the 20.7.x software. It’ll feel way more familiar, and there’s plenty of time in the future for the new Hydra interface.

    Come home; you’ll love it. I never thought I’d be happier than I was with directv..... but TiVo is of course the best.

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