Consequences of replacing battery?

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    Aug 31, 2007


    If a Samsung S4040R battery is replaced does the unit have to call home? Which would in turn force me back to 6.3e. Something that will not happen if I can help it!

    BTW the Panasonic CR3032 voltage is 3.729 VDC when the unit is plugged in and 3.280 VDC when unplugged. The latter voltage, according to Panasonic specs, indicates a load of about 1 microamp. The former voltage implies that the battery can be replaced with the line cord connected -with great care, of course- thereby preserving whatever data the battery protects.
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    I do not think the battery is needed and your Tivo should not have to call home after it is replaced. The only time I think you need to call in is to setup the DVR service when you first get the unit or put in a new hard drive.

    I broke the battery clip on mine when trying to replace it and I taped it back on but I do not think it works.

    I have come to belive that the battery is not needed and nothing will happen if it is not working. From what I have been able to gather nobody has noticed any thing different with the battery working or not and the DirecTiv's only get their time sync from the sat.
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    Feb 12, 2007
    Anyone up for an experiment? Take the battery out of one and see how it functions over a weeks of you guys that have hacked machines and constantly open them.

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