Connections for HR10-250 W/Sony HDTV

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    Do most of you run your HR10-250 directly into your HDTV? I have been running mine via Component into my Receiver along with other Component devices since my older HDTV was Component input. Now that I have a newer HDTV with HDMI inputs, should I use the HR10-250's HDMI output and go direct into the TV? My tv is a Sony KDS-A2000(1080p). Also, if I use the HDMI connection, should I set the HR10-250's output to 1080i? Some people recommend using the 720p output setting to force the TV's scaler/interlacer to do the signal processing to 1080i/1080p. Hopefully someone has the same TV and can advise me accordingly.
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    Many will tell you that they can't see a difference between component and HDMI.

    As to what output setting to use, it depends on how well your TV rescales the signal. Personally, I'd used the highest setting that the TV allows (1080i in your case). Experiment to see what works best for you.

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